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"Hazel" RAYYA Butterfly Abaya

"Hazel" RAYYA Butterfly Abaya

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This medium weight flowy abaya is the perfect essential abaya to have in your closet. You can be sure that this abaya will give you the perfect modest fit. Dress this abaya up or down and your are guaranteed to feel classy and elegant either way. Pairs amazingly with the TE-ARRA Princess Khimar! Available in multiple colors.

Model A is size 54 - Model B is size 56


  • Wide butterfly design 
  • Zip neckline {Perfect for breastfeeding Mom's}
  • Easy access wrist cuff {For quick and easy wudu} 
  • One size {Fits sizes 56 to 60}

Actual colors may vary. We cannot guarantee that the color you see in the photograph accurately portrays the true color of the product.

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Customer Reviews

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Hodan Ibrahim
It's the Jelbabs and khamir's for me.. 💫

As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatuLlaahi wa barakaatuhu, I bought a few pieces of clothing from here as soon as I saw your business on Instagram. I bought the hazel jilbab and khamir and the royal blue Khamir ( which I got a lot of good comments on how it looked on me allahuma barik. Color). Your jilbabs are beautiful. My order came in So fast! It fits so nicely and loses enough for modesty. The fabric is amazing too.